Spirit of Despair: A Monologue #2

Posted on May 31, 2013 Under Thoughts

Spirit of Despair: A Monologue #2

“I haven’t checked my phone for days.”




“Oh, no one has attempted to contact you for any reason? It’s okay. I’m sure they don’t secretly hate you.”


“Well of course they don’t.”


“I’m glad you’re so sure of that, because really it would make no sense if they all hated you. You have to put a lot of thought into your relationship with someone to determine that you hate them. In reality, it’s far more likely they just feel indifferent towards you. You’re a welcome but relatively insignificant presence in their lives.”


“Drawing from observations, it seems that you have been deemed entertaining enough to be invited to mass gatherings, but the appeal in interacting with you on-on-one is quite insubstantial. You’re something of a friend of convenience. Which means that either the company you choose to keep is quite poor or that no one really considers you a good friend.”